A leader in large diameter heavy wall pipes. Primus produces stainless steel pipes with the largest size range, including large-diameter heavy wall stainless steel pipe, of any producer in North America. Our products are used in the most challenging environments, offering a combination of high strength, corrosion resistance, and cost savings for customers in a wide range of industries.

Together with consistent product quality and expert advice on choosing the right product, we are committed to increasing your competitive advantage. Primus Pipe & Tube offers the broadest range of stainless steel, nickel alloys, duplex and many other exotic alloys.


Primus Pipe & Tube, Inc
241 W. Clarke Street. Wildwood. Florida. 34785 USA
Sales Contact Title | Region ☎ Phone
Kris Podsiad VP + GM ☎ 352.303.4247
Markus Nystrom VP Sales & Marketing ☎ 352.303.0192
Dom DiGiallonardo VP Quality & Technical ☎ 352.748.9267
Rex Shoemaker Sales Manager | Gulf Coast, West Coast ☎ 713.252.8042
Kris Epperson Sales Manager ☎ 423.797.0992
Sue Hood Inside Sales ☎ 352.748.9273
Steve Martines Inside Sales | East Coast, Central States ☎352.748.9242
Becky Starling Inside Sales | Gulf Coast, Midwest ☎ 352.748.9251
Nachelle Osorio Inside Sales | Canada, US West Coast ☎ 352.748.9246
Casey Maston Estimating ☎ 352.748.9272
Clyde Edwards Shipping Supervisor ☎ 352.303.1244